alright so my first unit test is outta the way i got a pretty good score so as a gift to myself i’m definitely going to san japan. ummm. will either just be enjoying it casually or as jane crocker from homestuck. i wish i had time to make a lil seb and i could if i already had the materials but i’m already stretching out my free time as it is i’m not supposed to be having a life right now sobs

i’m debating whether or not to go friday+sat or just saturday…?? sunday is my chill and study day so that’s out.

if i went friday it’d be after class which is pretty late like 5pm and we march back it’s like 5:30. i’d be wiped out plus i’d just be going alone since my friend would only be coming with me saturday ( as far as i know )…. but i’d still wanna kinda look around and stuff on friday. even though i kinda don’t know where i’d be going…??? i hate going around places by myself HAHA i wish i didn’t have class

regardless i’m pretty stoked and super excited!!! homestucks or not, i wanna make all kinds of friends! :B